What Is Young Learners Academy All About?
Our Mission Statement
It is the mission of TFUMC Young Learners Academy to provide a safe, nurturing environment that fosters an enjoyment of learning in each child. TFUMC Young Learners’Academy strives to help children grow towards independence and respect for themselves, each other, and the greater community. It is our goal to help children broaden their understanding of God’s word and their place within His world.
Our Philosophy
TFUMC Young Learners Academy recognizes that learning is a natural, child-led process. We provide a stimulating, developmentally appropriate environment in which children are free to learn at their own pace. Individualization is a key component of our program and we place special emphasis on making each child an accepted and important part of our school community.
Our Strategy
In order to meet the developmental needs of each student, teachers create experiences and activities around the following themes and domains: Language and literacy, music and movement, pre-math and counting, pre-reading, letters and phonics, time and space, imaginary and creative play, art, multi-sensory play, science, outdoor experiences, exposure to local and global culture and community, environmental education, social and adaptive skills, and daily Bible lessons.