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Adult Sunday School Classes at TFUMC

Adult Bible Study — This class is comprised of adults of all ages, both single and married. The focus of study in this class is verse-by-verse Bible study. Meets in Portico 3. Contact Sally Sullivan: 229-226-5485 or via email.

Pathfinders — This group is comprised of young to middle age adults, both single and married, with differing family make-ups. They use a variety of teaching methods and are involved in many projects and activities promoting fellowship and community service. Visitors welcome! Meets in Upchurch Building, Room 1. Contact Stephanie Nicholson: 229-224–4747 or 
via email.

Catherine Daughtery — This group includes singles and married couples who are middle-aged and/or retired, but they welcome all ages. They use various materials while seeking to deepen their understanding of the Bible. Lessons are taught by a team of class members. Meets in Fellowship Building, Room 4. Contact Pam Wright: 229-227-7760 or 
via email.

The Connection — This class of married couples and single people in their 20’s and 30’s offers Biblically based studies in a discussion format. They also enjoy getting together outside of class and participating regularly in outreach events. Meets in Fellowship Building, Room 5. Contact Jamie Thompson: 229-221-7800 or 
via email.

Christian Fellowship — a diverse group, made up of couples, singles, grandparents, retirees, those still working (many different backgrounds but all friends) who are active in outreach and who support one another through study and prayer. The lessons are taught by an inspirational team using the Cokesbury Adult Bible Studies. Meets in Portico, Room 2. Contact Barbara Waits: 229-403-1045 or via email.

Anchors – This class is made up of adults of all ages, single or married.  Each Sunday, we engage in Bible based studies that enhance our understanding of our faith, discipleship and many other areas of our Christian lives.  We also enjoy strengthening our relationships with each other through fellowship activities outside of the classroom.  Join us every Sunday in Room 6 of the Fellowship Building.  Contact Jason Prothro (229-977-1932 or 
via email) or Ashley Moulds (via email) for more information.

The Journey – This class covers a wide age-range from 20-something to retired folks. They are studying Bible-based curriculum in a discussion-type class. Meets in Portico 1. Contact Ronnie Wills (229-322-9305 or 
via email).