Worship for the Week

Listen each week as Church Administrator Floyd White and Director of Worship Arts Tim Peck break down the scripture and musical selections for upcoming Sunday Services, as well as highlight events taking place at Thomasville First United Methodist Church.

Ministry Spotlight

Brief interviews with TFUMC staff and ministry leaders.
5/7/2019 – “Just put a banner up, you know?”
4/23/2019 – “7th graders are aliens.”
4/09/2019 – “You could ‘doo wop’ here…” – Preview of Easter Sunday and preceding Holy Week Services
4/02/2019 – “Vertical and Horizontal”, ft. guest co-host Jake Wimberly
3/26/2019 – “That’s a good Hipster title.”
3/12/2019 – “I’ve seen Indiana Jones…those were NOT machetes.”
3/05/2019 – “That’s just your intermittent fast.”
2/26/2019 – “How can it…be?”
2/19/2019 – “You’d call this a combined no-hitter.”
2/12/2019 – “Bottle that up… it’s awesome!”
2/05/2019 – “You don’t seem like a ‘Fishing Guy’…”
4/25/19 – Interview w/ Drew West about the Nashville Mission Trip
4/4/19 – Interview w/ Organist Steven Turner
3/14/2019 – Interview w/ Director of Children’s Ministries Laurie Gunter
3/7/2019 – Interview w/ Director of Christian Outreach Drew West
2/28/2019 – Interview w/ Associate Pastor/Next Steps Director Jake Wimberly
2/21/2019 – Interview w/ Youth Director Jacob Hinckley
2/14/2019 – Interview w/ Sr. Pastor Rev. James C. Sapp